Rory and Terri Strecker


Rory and Terri Strecker became the new owners of Green Meadow Storage, RV Park and Short-Term Rental in August 2020.

Rory retired from farming and the Tillman County Rural Water District at the end of 2019. After that, he and Terri sold their farm in Chattanooga and relocated to the Elgin area. Rory now spends his time managing Green Meadow, fishing, and exploring the Wichita Mountains and surrounding area.

Terri is a licensed Realtor. She has been listing and selling real estate in Southwest Oklahoma since 2006. In March of 2020, she moved her real estate business to Elgin Realty.

Rory and Terri are very proud to own a small business in Elgin, Oklahoma. It is one of the fastest growing, yet safest places to live in Oklahoma. More importantly, the Elgin community is welcoming, caring, and a great place to call HOME!